What is it ?

Ephemeral Arts Connection_2013 (EAC) is an international, experimental and interdisciplinary workshop organized by Stardust* and Marita Isobel Solberg (StrangeMara) Detailed general info HERE.

After three successful editions of the workshop in Sicily it is evolving to something new.

It will take place in Italy and Norway as follows:
1. EPHEMERAL PILL – 7 and 8 of September, Marsala (Italy)
2. EAC NORWAY 2013 – 11 to 19 of September, Senja (Norway)

EAC 2013 Theme: Network.

Extreme south and extreme north of Europe in connection.


Place: Marsala, Sicily_Italy.


Place: Kråkeslottet (The Crow Castle), Bøvær, Senja _Norway.

Senja is called the Fairytale Island and is the next biggest island in Norway. The base house will be Kråkeslottet which is a beautiful old building, that in older days was used to dry and transfer salted fish.

EAC is a major European and International meeting place where we work across different cultures and art forms, inspired by social, human, and natural sciences. We will work with site-specific projects, also of relevance in a larger contexts.


Theme of the year is “Network”. International, national and local network. Network can also be connected to animal life and nature both under water and above. We will have a special focus on oceans and fjords, and issues that have local, national and international importance. It could involve themes like communication, history, transport, environment, fishing or oil. We´ll take a closer look at connections, similarities and differences between north, south, east and west.

Kråkeslottet is a place with many rooms, it has  beds for 25 persons. Here we will sleep, make food, eat, work, have concerts, lectures and conversations. It is a facinating and inspiring place with the nature just outside the door, and it´s an intimate and good base for working together in bigger groups. Every day we will start with a meeting and a special hour for various kinds of exercise, thinking or just beeing. The workshop starts with a social gathering, this happens around a fire on the beach outside. There will be guided tours to places and buildings of historical, artistic or architectural interest, continued by presentations from a wide range of art forms, techniques and professions. Discussions and group work will be a major part of the workshop.We´ll collaborate to develop an interdisciplinary project, which will end in an artistic complex installation. It involves all participants. The result will be presented to an audience on the last day of the workshop.


Its successful past  editions happened in September 2010 , September 2011 and Septiember 2012 in Sicily, check out the results HERE (2010) , HERE (2011).and HERE (2012)The fourth edition will take place in Norway during the September 2013.


1. Identification of a theme;
2. Identification of an important place of the territorial heritage;
3. Study of the topic through visits and conferences;
4. Construction of an art installation and staging of a final performance. Opening of the
site to the public.

EAC 2010 > Theme: Unfinished
Place: Monumento ai Mille_Marsala

EAC 2011 > Theme: Substraction of substance from nature
Place: Quarry system_Marsala

EAC 2012 > Theme: Limit
Place: Hangar Nervi_ Marsala

Photo by Reiner Schaufler



Everything is ephemeral, because everything is subjected to the flow and transformation of the life. Buildings, all forms of artworks, sculptures, paintings, music, theater, movies … The ephemeral is conceived as the link between the contemporary arts. Its transformative performance is related to the transformation of materials, their origins, application, cycle of life, death, recycling … the ephemeral is able to be a new experimental paradigm for sustainable development.

Arts’ connection

The value of the interaction between arts is strongly related to the dialogue between cultures. We do not need selective and rigid categories of arts and of cultures and we want to explore the richness of the combined value of arts and cultures working together. They’ll operate simultaneously, they won’t have limits or boundaries and they’ll cooperate at a new equal culture of making. On the footsteps of Watermill Center Laboratory founded by Bob Wilson, we learn the miraculous developing of global network transcending age, experience, social, religious and cultural backgrounds.

We’ll build together an “art object”. We’ll search together for materials, techniques and construction’s methods to achieve the final installation. All 30 participants will have the
opportunity to cooperate in building a unique work. It will made up of their own artistic
contributions and it will live trough their various simultaneous performances.

Key concepts of the EAC
Ephemeral installation, parametric design, performative art, digital tools, scenography,
contemporary art/architecture, glocal approach, photography, strategic planning, video art,
sound art, social commitment, transformation of the reality, self construction…

Photo By Karin Olsen



Ravra Gårdsprodukter




Duca Di Castelmonte

The School Of  “L`immaginario Symbolico”


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